That girl that girl’s got No bones

Sister Dearest,

This weekend I volunteered at the Auckland Reader and Writer Festival. Aside from it being absolutely AWESOME I met some really cool people. I met this girl named Anna who recently launched her very own music video under her stage name “Grace Pageant”.

She decided to use stop motion for the WHOLE THING! In chatting with her about the video, she remembers that the cross-stitched “SPINELESS” scene took 3 hours alone! DAYYYUUMM!

Anyway, I thought the video turned out pretty cool! So I thought I’d pass it on. Alongside being pretty impressive, it’s also adorably Kiwi.


Freshman Year Is Almost Over?

Sister Dearest,

Wow! Today is my last day of classes and then I have finals in a week. That means I am done my entire Freshman year in a week, that is craziness. I just wanted to do a little recap of what I have been up to during these past 9 months. (Through pictures of coarse)

Finally moved into college

Started my Art Class

Was the SunDrop girl for Halloween 🙂

Went to Avicii and….

Pretty sure I broke my feet

You came home for CHRISTMAS 🙂

Then I came out to New Zealand to see you over my Winter Break

Enjoyed my Trim Flat White almost every morning

On the way out to NZ, had a beautiful layover in San Fran- such an awesome cafe

Back to school for the second semester and decided to pledge for Alpha Phi Omega

Lived here for the remainder of my second semester practically

Went home now and then to see mom and of coarse little Lucy 🙂

Found my new obsession (aside from coffee)

And of coarse throughout the whole year at UNH, I constantly would FaceTime you (almost on a daily basis) I miss you tremendously and now that my year is coming to an end, you will be coming home even sooner. Have a splendid day Ash.

Lots O Love,



Sister Dearest,

I am sorry for being on a hiatus for the past two weeks. In all fairness though, I have been living in the library. I know you may think this is exaggerating but it felt as if I truly did. I had an exam and a paper due every single week for the past MONTH! the agony! You out of anyone knows what this means… LOTS O COFFEE! I can only laugh because my bank account only has transactions from Dunkin Donut haha

It looks pretty from the outside- but after being in there for hours, you slowly start to lose your mind.

The only relationship that has ALWAYS been there for me: Coffee 🙂

Some days I didn’t mind going to the library because we had a couple miserable days. I only Instagrammed this photo to make it look antiqued. The sky really did look like that…scary huh?

One of the only things that kept me sane over the past month was my weekly dinner with Dakota. I am lucky enough to have him be so willing to drive because I have had plenty of dinners in Newmarket. I really enjoy this little town. Our favorite place to eat: Rocky’s Burgers 🙂 I always get the California Burger (substitute the beef for a chicken breast) SO YUMMY!

So as the weeks go by, I will soon be done with my first year in college. That is crazy, I will be a Sophomore in college?! Weirdddddd. Well wish me luck on my studies.

Lots O Love,


PS. I made this Study Playlist for anyone who needs to spend a long time in the library, especially ME. Enjoy.

Relay For Life

Sister Dearest,

On April 21, I participated in an event called Relay For Life. It is a 24 hour event where people walk around a track in remembrance of those who have cancer or those who have been lost the battle. I was planning on just coming at the tail end of it but when I went in the morning to register, It was so inspiring that I decided to stay for up to 9 hours. I was exhausted, but it was well worth my Saturday.

The survivors (the ones wearing purple) walked around the track holding purple balloons and tied them around poles that represented how many years they have had cancer. It was so moving.

It was also fun. They had music blasting and people dancing and singing for little intermissions. Also, my fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, raised the most money so we got to sit in the VIP section where we got free food and most importantly, COUCHES!

My favorite part was the hour when they shut off all the lights and lit up the whole field house with illuminated bags dedicated to people who have lost the fight for cancer. Everyone was silent and respectful. It was sad watching some of the participants crying in front of their loved ones bags.

Lots O Love,


Easter Festivities

Sister Dearest,

Easter has arrived! Well… arrived about 20 days ago, but hey I’m a college student- I’M FREAKING BUSY! haha but the fun about this Easter was that mama and I baked and baked and BAKED! So much fun… until I had to lay on the coach from divulging in too much of the yummy treats (especially the homemade lemon cupcakes) 🙂

You will not believe the AMAZING cake we made! It was a legit coffee cake. There was coffee grounds in the cake and the frosting. SO GOOD! But, funny story- Mom and I were just so excited to get the cake together we didn’t wait long enough for the cake to cool and put it all together. When we went into the fridge to look at it, it had broken apart and fell all over the inside of the fridge. DISASTER! But we managed to revive it and it was still delicious.

 It was not only Easter, but Dakota’s birthday as well! So we had a little celebration for him (And Kerry too because her birthday was just a few days before). We also had the classic Easter Basket hunt in the WEE morning. I really enjoyed my basket. Wish you were here with us on this holiday, but I shall see you this summer and that will be lots O fun.

Lots O Love,


The Green Life

Sister Dearest,

I’m currently putting together DIY stories for the magazine, and I had the best interview with someone yesterday. Her name is Dustyn, she’s about my age and grows her own garden with her boyfriend in their backyard. The thing is…their garden is KICKASS!

They have their very own walk-in greenhouse to harvest veges all throughout the winter. It was all so simple and achievable, nothing fancy.

I was so inspired by their ability to grow in their own backyard to the extent that it sustains their need for produce year round. I really think that everyone should take a couple of notes from these guys! She was totally in touch with the earth, its seasonal patterns and what her little patch of land was capable of providing her in terms of food.

When we sat down for some tea she chatted with me about the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how it was grown. That was her main incentive for starting her own garden. She stressed that we shouldn’t be completely reliant on the supermarkets, and take matters into our own hands. I thought she was totally amazing!

Of Monsters and Men

Sister Dearest,

This band called Of Monsters and Men is right down your alley Ash! They are more of an alternative/folk band with some catchy beats. For some reason, it reminds me of being in Auckland.

{Photo: 1}

This sextet is awesome and are originally from Iceland. Their songs makes me want to get up and dance and then go to that outdoor bar we went to on Ponsonby Road. Drinking a couple Summer Passion Martinis 🙂 Enjoy this awesome album; especially the tracks “Little Talks” and “Mountain Sound“. But listen to the whole album, its amAHzing!

{Photo: 2}

Tanto Amore,


Public Announcement

Sister Dearest,

HAD to share this with you. I knew you’d get just as much of a kick out of it as I did. After I got a coffee at a local shop the other day, I was perusing their community announcement board outside. Amongst the regulars (flatmates wanted, bike for sales, yada yada yada) I found THIS! Gold.

I love that the short dressed chick just laid it out there via public notice board. I wonder if hot tattooed man will ever see this note? Would he even know that she was talking to him?

Here’s the way I’ve played the story out in my head.

On Tuesday, hot tattooed man will walk into local cafe “X”, and order a trim flat white (trim because he’s an athlete and OBVIOUSLY keeps an eye on his figure). He’ll spot the note, and take a minute to blow on his coffee (completely unnecessary –but it will casually buy him a minute to ponder) and consider whether he is indeed the intended recipient of this public love letter. In the end, he’ll post a reply letter, which will read:
Dear Mystery Brunette,

If your face is as cute as your bum in that little dress, I’ll see you here Friday. Coffee on me.


Hot Tattooed Man.




To Rome With Love

Sister Dearest,

Woody has struck our hearts once again! He is an absolute genius and I love pretty much all the movies he writes/directs. From Vicky Christina Barcelona to Midnight in Paris, he has such odd and peculiar plots that are just so mesmerizing. Filming in beautiful locations like Barcelona and Paris puts me in a such a travelers mood. Now with his new movie To Rome With Love, I might as well cry with happiness. With such a great cast (Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Roberto Benigni!!!!) and Woody Allen himself, this movie is bound to become one of my favorites. I could not be happier that this movie is coming to theaters April 20th (which means I will probably not see it for another month since his movies are not hit blockbusters). But I shall find a way to see it as soon as possible 🙂

I also love the look of this photo, it’s exactly how he films his movies, with a vintage looking touch to it. Beautiful, just beautiful!

Roberto Benigni! You can not have a movie in Rome without him!

Jesse Eisenberg (from Social Network) plays a character who has a love affair with his girlfriend’s best friend

Everything about this movie makes me excited to watch it and travel! Brings back the memories I had when watching other Woody Allen films and my dreams to travel around Europe. We are doing it Ash! We will travel through Europe.

Tanto Amore (Lots of Love),


Photos from {imdb}

What Makes Me Happy

Sister Dearest,

What makes you happy? Truly happy? Even just the little things… now there would be a million plus one for me. I love the inspirational quotes/pictures/sayings etc. online. They really do make my day and put a smile on my face. Some push me to go outside and run, and others just blow up my mind with creative ideas. For example:

Seeing these, make me excited for the rest of my life. My future will consist of this adventure and happiness. It would be great if we could do some of this traveling together 🙂 Here are some more that made me excited for the future/hungry/smile:

Yes, Ashley and  I would finish ALL of that 🙂

Something about a wave… really sparks excitement in my soul. I love being in the water.

All these pictures motivate me and inspire me to do good and become who I want to be. I enjoy the little things (a piece of bread with some avocado on it or smelling some beautiful flowers). And  I have big aspirations like TRAVELING THE WORLD! Some of these hopes and dreams are ones you already know, but I’m just expressing them to you and anyone else who has the same aspirations as I do. I hope we can experience them together.

Tanto Amore (Lots of Love),


Photos from {tinaestrellado