What Makes Me Happy

Sister Dearest,

What makes you happy? Truly happy? Even just the little things… now there would be a million plus one for me. I love the inspirational quotes/pictures/sayings etc. online. They really do make my day and put a smile on my face. Some push me to go outside and run, and others just blow up my mind with creative ideas. For example:

Seeing these, make me excited for the rest of my life. My future will consist of this adventure and happiness. It would be great if we could do some of this traveling together 🙂 Here are some more that made me excited for the future/hungry/smile:

Yes, Ashley and  I would finish ALL of that 🙂

Something about a wave… really sparks excitement in my soul. I love being in the water.

All these pictures motivate me and inspire me to do good and become who I want to be. I enjoy the little things (a piece of bread with some avocado on it or smelling some beautiful flowers). And  I have big aspirations like TRAVELING THE WORLD! Some of these hopes and dreams are ones you already know, but I’m just expressing them to you and anyone else who has the same aspirations as I do. I hope we can experience them together.

Tanto Amore (Lots of Love),


Photos from {tinaestrellado


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