Public Announcement

Sister Dearest,

HAD to share this with you. I knew you’d get just as much of a kick out of it as I did. After I got a coffee at a local shop the other day, I was perusing their community announcement board outside. Amongst the regulars (flatmates wanted, bike for sales, yada yada yada) I found THIS! Gold.

I love that the short dressed chick just laid it out there via public notice board. I wonder if hot tattooed man will ever see this note? Would he even know that she was talking to him?

Here’s the way I’ve played the story out in my head.

On Tuesday, hot tattooed man will walk into local cafe “X”, and order a trim flat white (trim because he’s an athlete and OBVIOUSLY keeps an eye on his figure). He’ll spot the note, and take a minute to blow on his coffee (completely unnecessary –but it will casually buy him a minute to ponder) and consider whether he is indeed the intended recipient of this public love letter. In the end, he’ll post a reply letter, which will read:
Dear Mystery Brunette,

If your face is as cute as your bum in that little dress, I’ll see you here Friday. Coffee on me.


Hot Tattooed Man.





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