The Green Life

Sister Dearest,

I’m currently putting together DIY stories for the magazine, and I had the best interview with someone yesterday. Her name is Dustyn, she’s about my age and grows her own garden with her boyfriend in their backyard. The thing is…their garden is KICKASS!

They have their very own walk-in greenhouse to harvest veges all throughout the winter. It was all so simple and achievable, nothing fancy.

I was so inspired by their ability to grow in their own backyard to the extent that it sustains their need for produce year round. I really think that everyone should take a couple of notes from these guys! She was totally in touch with the earth, its seasonal patterns and what her little patch of land was capable of providing her in terms of food.

When we sat down for some tea she chatted with me about the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how it was grown. That was her main incentive for starting her own garden. She stressed that we shouldn’t be completely reliant on the supermarkets, and take matters into our own hands. I thought she was totally amazing!


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