Relay For Life

Sister Dearest,

On April 21, I participated in an event called Relay For Life. It is a 24 hour event where people walk around a track in remembrance of those who have cancer or those who have been lost the battle. I was planning on just coming at the tail end of it but when I went in the morning to register, It was so inspiring that I decided to stay for up to 9 hours. I was exhausted, but it was well worth my Saturday.

The survivors (the ones wearing purple) walked around the track holding purple balloons and tied them around poles that represented how many years they have had cancer. It was so moving.

It was also fun. They had music blasting and people dancing and singing for little intermissions. Also, my fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, raised the most money so we got to sit in the VIP section where we got free food and most importantly, COUCHES!

My favorite part was the hour when they shut off all the lights and lit up the whole field house with illuminated bags dedicated to people who have lost the fight for cancer. Everyone was silent and respectful. It was sad watching some of the participants crying in front of their loved ones bags.

Lots O Love,



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