Sister Dearest,

I am sorry for being on a hiatus for the past two weeks. In all fairness though, I have been living in the library. I know you may think this is exaggerating but it felt as if I truly did. I had an exam and a paper due every single week for the past MONTH! the agony! You out of anyone knows what this means… LOTS O COFFEE! I can only laugh because my bank account only has transactions from Dunkin Donut haha

It looks pretty from the outside- but after being in there for hours, you slowly start to lose your mind.

The only relationship that has ALWAYS been there for me: Coffee 🙂

Some days I didn’t mind going to the library because we had a couple miserable days. I only Instagrammed this photo to make it look antiqued. The sky really did look like that…scary huh?

One of the only things that kept me sane over the past month was my weekly dinner with Dakota. I am lucky enough to have him be so willing to drive because I have had plenty of dinners in Newmarket. I really enjoy this little town. Our favorite place to eat: Rocky’s Burgers 🙂 I always get the California Burger (substitute the beef for a chicken breast) SO YUMMY!

So as the weeks go by, I will soon be done with my first year in college. That is crazy, I will be a Sophomore in college?! Weirdddddd. Well wish me luck on my studies.

Lots O Love,


PS. I made this Study Playlist for anyone who needs to spend a long time in the library, especially ME. Enjoy.


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