That girl that girl’s got No bones

Sister Dearest,

This weekend I volunteered at the Auckland Reader and Writer Festival. Aside from it being absolutely AWESOME I met some really cool people. I met this girl named Anna who recently launched her very own music video under her stage name “Grace Pageant”.

She decided to use stop motion for the WHOLE THING! In chatting with her about the video, she remembers that the cross-stitched “SPINELESS” scene took 3 hours alone! DAYYYUUMM!

Anyway, I thought the video turned out pretty cool! So I thought I’d pass it on. Alongside being pretty impressive, it’s also adorably Kiwi.


Freshman Year Is Almost Over?

Sister Dearest,

Wow! Today is my last day of classes and then I have finals in a week. That means I am done my entire Freshman year in a week, that is craziness. I just wanted to do a little recap of what I have been up to during these past 9 months. (Through pictures of coarse)

Finally moved into college

Started my Art Class

Was the SunDrop girl for Halloween 🙂

Went to Avicii and….

Pretty sure I broke my feet

You came home for CHRISTMAS 🙂

Then I came out to New Zealand to see you over my Winter Break

Enjoyed my Trim Flat White almost every morning

On the way out to NZ, had a beautiful layover in San Fran- such an awesome cafe

Back to school for the second semester and decided to pledge for Alpha Phi Omega

Lived here for the remainder of my second semester practically

Went home now and then to see mom and of coarse little Lucy 🙂

Found my new obsession (aside from coffee)

And of coarse throughout the whole year at UNH, I constantly would FaceTime you (almost on a daily basis) I miss you tremendously and now that my year is coming to an end, you will be coming home even sooner. Have a splendid day Ash.

Lots O Love,