Community Street Art

Sister Dearest,

I think you caught the front end of this community ¬†project while you were visiting me in Auckland. There’s a section of swampy dilapidated property at the corner of Williamson and Ponsonby that will (…one day) be constructed into Auckland’s SoHo region. In the mean time, Auckland council threw up some majorly huge white walls to cover the eyesore from people on the street. Since then, local artists have been spraying art on the walls, and some of the pieces are SICK!

I found out about a month ago that the projects were each commissioned and asked to represent the community in some way. Some artists used quotes, some painted NZ landscapes. An artist called Otis Frizzell painted kick ass portraits of neighborhood personalities. Those painting are most definitely my favorite.

The murals kind of pop up over night, and I love the mornings that I wake up and discover some new art on the wall!

Hope these photos find you well and bring back memories of Auckland!

Lots of love,