Easter Festivities

Sister Dearest,

Easter has arrived! Well… arrived about 20 days ago, but hey I’m a college student- I’M FREAKING BUSY! haha but the fun about this Easter was that mama and I baked and baked and BAKED! So much fun… until I had to lay on the coach from divulging in too much of the yummy treats (especially the homemade lemon cupcakes) ๐Ÿ™‚

You will not believe the AMAZING cake we made! It was a legit coffee cake. There was coffee grounds in the cake and the frosting. SO GOOD! But, funny story- Mom and I were just so excited to get the cake together we didn’t wait long enough for the cake to cool and put it all together. When we went into the fridge to look at it, it had broken apart and fell all over the inside of the fridge. DISASTER! But we managed to revive it and it was still delicious.

ย It was not only Easter, but Dakota’s birthday as well! So we had a little celebration for him (And Kerry too because her birthday was just a few days before). We also had the classic Easter Basket hunt in the WEE morning. I really enjoyed my basket. Wish you were here with us on this holiday, but I shall see you this summer and that will be lots O fun.

Lots O Love,



Baking Galore

Sister Dearest,

I am home for the weekend and Mom and I decided to bake ๐Ÿ™‚ She bought this cookie pan that molds a cookie with an opening for a stick, so the cookies look like the ones from edible arrangements. They were so easy to make and dare I say absolutely delicious?! The kids were also home from school today, so due to their restlessness we went into full out design mode.


my cookie



Energizing Life Through Being Active and Drinking Delicious Smoothies

Sister Dearest,

Coming back from Spring Break is bringing big changes for me. I’m strongly considering changing my major (have an appointment with my advisor tomorrow) and I have a new sense of motivation. The biggest thing for me right now is to be healthy and active. Now that the weather is rising drastically (we have a higher temperature than you now ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I am excited to get out and RUN! Yes. Run. Another important aspect is to eat right, so im trying to eat lots of fruits and veggies. I also bought Sambazon Acai Superfood Juice.

It is absolutely delicious and good for you. I only wish I had a blender in my dorm room so i could make this recipe:


2 packs Sambazon Original Aรงaรญ
1 organic banana
4oz organic mixed berries
8oz of green tea

Go to the Sambazon Website for more awesome recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

This looks so yum delicious and it is great before and after workouts. Look for this product at Countdown, or something close to it.

Much Love,


Heavenly Delights

Sister Dearest,

Prepare to be amazed. Mom and I the other day decided to do some baking. I have been doing a lot of recipe searches online over the past couple of weeks and found this amAHzing recipe. They are called “Slutty” Brownies. Mom doesn’t like that name because its derogatory, so we call them Dirty Brownies now. Haha. So here’s the website I found the recipe on: The Londoner. Here is a little montage of the process of making this delicious treat.

{^^Our result to following the recipe^^}

This dessert is absolutely amazing Ash. You would love it. Just eat it in moderation haha

Love Love,