To Rome With Love

Sister Dearest,

Woody has struck our hearts once again! He is an absolute genius and I love pretty much all the movies he writes/directs. From Vicky¬†Christina Barcelona to Midnight in Paris, he has such odd and peculiar plots that are just so mesmerizing. Filming in beautiful locations like Barcelona and Paris puts me in a such a travelers mood. Now with his new movie To Rome With Love, I might as well cry with happiness. With such a great cast (Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Roberto Benigni!!!!) and Woody Allen himself, this movie is bound to become one of my favorites. I could not be happier that this movie is coming to theaters April 20th (which means I will probably not see it for another month since his movies are not hit blockbusters). But I shall find a way to see it as soon as possible ūüôā

I also love the look of this photo, it’s exactly how he films his movies, with a vintage looking touch to it. Beautiful, just beautiful!

Roberto Benigni! You can not have a movie in Rome without him!

Jesse Eisenberg (from Social Network) plays a character who has a love affair with his girlfriend’s best friend

Everything about this movie makes me excited to watch it and travel! Brings back the memories I had when watching other Woody Allen films and my dreams to travel around Europe. We are doing it Ash! We will travel through Europe.

Tanto Amore (Lots of Love),


Photos from {imdb}


Are You Hungry For The Games?

Sister Dearest,

SO this weekend consisted of me not getting any work done and being a lazy bum¬†ūüôā I have been enjoying going home more often. Just being with mom and spending quality time with her makes me really happy. We baked cookies the other day (as you already know from my last post). But, most importantly, I watched some good movies. Last night I finally watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Very intense and somewhat disturbing, but when the movie had finished, I was still intrigued. I still am now. It is a definite watch I think.

Most importantly…. I SAW THE HUNGER GAMES TODAY! And Ash, it was great. I thought they did an amazing job with the movie and matched it to the book almost perfectly. The girl playing the main character, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), was amazing. I really thought the whole cast was a good choice. Being an avid fan, as you know from my visit to New Zealand (my face was glued into the pages of the book), I found there to be no disappointments.


It’s funny to look at how much the actors have changed themselves for their roles in the movie. They all changed their hair color (I liked all the color changes except for Peeta-the blonde one) He’s a natural brunette. He also supposedly put on 20 pounds of muscle. Impressive.

This is the map of The Hunger Games country and their districts. I think it’s funny how New Hampshire isn’t even affiliated¬†with the country anymore and is classified as The Wild? Odd. Now, whenever there is a movie I like, you know better than anyone that I go digging for the music that I heard in the feature film. Here are some of my favorite songs from The Hunger Games Soundtrack.