Sister Dearest,

I am sorry for being on a hiatus for the past two weeks. In all fairness though, I have been living in the library. I know you may think this is exaggerating but it felt as if I truly did. I had an exam and a paper due every single week for the past MONTH! the agony! You out of anyone knows what this means… LOTS O COFFEE! I can only laugh because my bank account only has transactions from Dunkin Donut haha

It looks pretty from the outside- but after being in there for hours, you slowly start to lose your mind.

The only relationship that has ALWAYS been there for me: Coffee 🙂

Some days I didn’t mind going to the library because we had a couple miserable days. I only Instagrammed this photo to make it look antiqued. The sky really did look like that…scary huh?

One of the only things that kept me sane over the past month was my weekly dinner with Dakota. I am lucky enough to have him be so willing to drive because I have had plenty of dinners in Newmarket. I really enjoy this little town. Our favorite place to eat: Rocky’s Burgers 🙂 I always get the California Burger (substitute the beef for a chicken breast) SO YUMMY!

So as the weeks go by, I will soon be done with my first year in college. That is crazy, I will be a Sophomore in college?! Weirdddddd. Well wish me luck on my studies.

Lots O Love,


PS. I made this Study Playlist for anyone who needs to spend a long time in the library, especially ME. Enjoy.


Of Monsters and Men

Sister Dearest,

This band called Of Monsters and Men is right down your alley Ash! They are more of an alternative/folk band with some catchy beats. For some reason, it reminds me of being in Auckland.

{Photo: 1}

This sextet is awesome and are originally from Iceland. Their songs makes me want to get up and dance and then go to that outdoor bar we went to on Ponsonby Road. Drinking a couple Summer Passion Martinis 🙂 Enjoy this awesome album; especially the tracks “Little Talks” and “Mountain Sound“. But listen to the whole album, its amAHzing!

{Photo: 2}

Tanto Amore,


New York, New York

Sister Dearest,

I have been thinking… we have approximately 118 days until we are together again! I know your visit is short-lived but if there is the slightest possibility (or we can just fantasize), I think we should venture to New York City. Just make it a little road trip for ourselves. Check out Manhattan and definitely Brooklyn (Cutest apartments there from previous blogs I have been stalking). My good friend Sara is studying in New York right now and has been generous enough to treat my eyes to her beautiful photography. Here is some of the photos she has captured through her months of being in NY:

(top left) Shake Shack Madison Square Park, (bottom left and right) Central Park

Coney Island

Brooklyn Bridge

Washington Square Park

(left) Flatiron, (top right)) The Met, (bottom right) Central Park

Times Square

Times Square

Nothing looks more inviting in my mind 🙂 I can see myself here someday. On another note: I have made another playlist that will put you in a good/relaxing mood for your work day. I hope you enjoy these fabulous photos by Sara while listening to my Ponder Wander Playlist!

Much Love,


Are You Hungry For The Games?

Sister Dearest,

SO this weekend consisted of me not getting any work done and being a lazy bum 🙂 I have been enjoying going home more often. Just being with mom and spending quality time with her makes me really happy. We baked cookies the other day (as you already know from my last post). But, most importantly, I watched some good movies. Last night I finally watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Very intense and somewhat disturbing, but when the movie had finished, I was still intrigued. I still am now. It is a definite watch I think.

Most importantly…. I SAW THE HUNGER GAMES TODAY! And Ash, it was great. I thought they did an amazing job with the movie and matched it to the book almost perfectly. The girl playing the main character, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), was amazing. I really thought the whole cast was a good choice. Being an avid fan, as you know from my visit to New Zealand (my face was glued into the pages of the book), I found there to be no disappointments.


It’s funny to look at how much the actors have changed themselves for their roles in the movie. They all changed their hair color (I liked all the color changes except for Peeta-the blonde one) He’s a natural brunette. He also supposedly put on 20 pounds of muscle. Impressive.

This is the map of The Hunger Games country and their districts. I think it’s funny how New Hampshire isn’t even affiliated with the country anymore and is classified as The Wild? Odd. Now, whenever there is a movie I like, you know better than anyone that I go digging for the music that I heard in the feature film. Here are some of my favorite songs from The Hunger Games Soundtrack.



Gorgeous Durham Day

Sister Dearest,

You would not believe the weather we are having in Durham. The past couple of days have been in the mid 70’s (20’s for Celsius) And now the next couple of days it’s going to be in the 80’s!!! It’s weird how you say your summer was barely there in New Zealand and is now constantly raining, when I’m over here in NH in what seems to feel like summer. But you know how it is when spring is arriving on campus- everyone is outside and enjoying the sun. I went for a 2 mile run in the morning when the sun was rising and I knew it was going to be a good day. I bought some fresh fruit from the market and it was such a scrumptious breakfast.

With this new weather surfacing, It is really motivating me to be energized and more involved on campus. I think the sun is making me ultimately REALLY happy. I discovered a new obsession- ULTIMATE FRISBEE 🙂 I’m not the best at the game but I am definitely the most competitive. It was so warm that some girls on my floor and I went out to a field and played for hours. I may have gotten too intense….

It may have been warm enough, but the grass was still wet from the snow that had melted. I may have slipped once or twice tehehe. Later, when classes were all done, I grabbed a blanket and laid out on Thompson Hall. You were right Ash, there were so many people. Everyone was laying out getting some sun and playing frisbee.

The UNH campus in the spring time really is something special. I am going to enjoy these next couple of days in the sun while listening to some of my favorite tunes 🙂 Hope you are still singing and dancing in the rain.