To Rome With Love

Sister Dearest,

Woody has struck our hearts once again! He is an absolute genius and I love pretty much all the movies he writes/directs. From Vicky Christina Barcelona to Midnight in Paris, he has such odd and peculiar plots that are just so mesmerizing. Filming in beautiful locations like Barcelona and Paris puts me in a such a travelers mood. Now with his new movie To Rome With Love, I might as well cry with happiness. With such a great cast (Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Roberto Benigni!!!!) and Woody Allen himself, this movie is bound to become one of my favorites. I could not be happier that this movie is coming to theaters April 20th (which means I will probably not see it for another month since his movies are not hit blockbusters). But I shall find a way to see it as soon as possible 🙂

I also love the look of this photo, it’s exactly how he films his movies, with a vintage looking touch to it. Beautiful, just beautiful!

Roberto Benigni! You can not have a movie in Rome without him!

Jesse Eisenberg (from Social Network) plays a character who has a love affair with his girlfriend’s best friend

Everything about this movie makes me excited to watch it and travel! Brings back the memories I had when watching other Woody Allen films and my dreams to travel around Europe. We are doing it Ash! We will travel through Europe.

Tanto Amore (Lots of Love),


Photos from {imdb}


What Makes Me Happy

Sister Dearest,

What makes you happy? Truly happy? Even just the little things… now there would be a million plus one for me. I love the inspirational quotes/pictures/sayings etc. online. They really do make my day and put a smile on my face. Some push me to go outside and run, and others just blow up my mind with creative ideas. For example:

Seeing these, make me excited for the rest of my life. My future will consist of this adventure and happiness. It would be great if we could do some of this traveling together 🙂 Here are some more that made me excited for the future/hungry/smile:

Yes, Ashley and  I would finish ALL of that 🙂

Something about a wave… really sparks excitement in my soul. I love being in the water.

All these pictures motivate me and inspire me to do good and become who I want to be. I enjoy the little things (a piece of bread with some avocado on it or smelling some beautiful flowers). And  I have big aspirations like TRAVELING THE WORLD! Some of these hopes and dreams are ones you already know, but I’m just expressing them to you and anyone else who has the same aspirations as I do. I hope we can experience them together.

Tanto Amore (Lots of Love),


Photos from {tinaestrellado

New York, New York

Sister Dearest,

I have been thinking… we have approximately 118 days until we are together again! I know your visit is short-lived but if there is the slightest possibility (or we can just fantasize), I think we should venture to New York City. Just make it a little road trip for ourselves. Check out Manhattan and definitely Brooklyn (Cutest apartments there from previous blogs I have been stalking). My good friend Sara is studying in New York right now and has been generous enough to treat my eyes to her beautiful photography. Here is some of the photos she has captured through her months of being in NY:

(top left) Shake Shack Madison Square Park, (bottom left and right) Central Park

Coney Island

Brooklyn Bridge

Washington Square Park

(left) Flatiron, (top right)) The Met, (bottom right) Central Park

Times Square

Times Square

Nothing looks more inviting in my mind 🙂 I can see myself here someday. On another note: I have made another playlist that will put you in a good/relaxing mood for your work day. I hope you enjoy these fabulous photos by Sara while listening to my Ponder Wander Playlist!

Much Love,