Ashley's Graduation

Sister Dearest is an outlet for two sisters to remain connected through everyday happenings, inspirations, photographs and more. Ashley and Emily live half a world away from each other but vow to maintain creative conversation trans-continentally!  The letters and ideas that you read from one sister to another are thoughts and sources of inspiration that would regularly  be shared with one another daily.

Although we have similar creative styles, Emily has a strong connection to music and movies while Ashley is influenced by classic and modern literature.

We are thrilled that you can join us in our conversation from afar. If you ever have anything to add to the ongoing chit chat please join in! We would love a second (or third) opinion.

Us in Quebec City, Canada

Ashley and Emily


4 thoughts on “Bio

  1. this blog really makes my day. you guys always contribute interesting things i enjoy reading and discovering. it makes me miss my sisters 😦 haha definitely adding this to the list of blogs i follow


    • aw thanks sara. i really appreciate that. Ash and I came up with this a couple months ago and are seriously counting down the days we get to see each other again 🙂 Happy to make your day!

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